It’s so easy to say I don’t believe in Love and all but deep down we do , we want forever (By forever I Don’t mean ‘Ishq Wala Love’). Like true commitment you know like .. Everyone has few demands when they are in relationship and I’m no different I too have few demands .Sleep with whoever you want, I’m least bothered about it as long as you are loyal lover .Don’t cheat or play games, you are unhappy? Leave. Don’t care about my heart. I’m strong enough to fight toughest circumstances. As long as you are with me make sure it’s just me, ONLY ME. No crushes (exceptions: celebrities) , No affairs , No time pass with ex . Please don’t address me with pet names. Don’t disturb me during writing sessions. Adjust with my mood swings & Talk to me once in a week (at least! ) and make sure it makes up all the hatred I have for you (in case I’m angry). I’m sounding demanding? Okay sorry. But now a days love come with conditions applied.


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