Author’s Empire India’s First Book Launch – MY TAKE


12th May 2013

I received a call around 1:30 am ‘You are coming right?’ After 10 seconds I realized it was my publisher. I woke up all of sudden and said in confirmed voice ‘Yes’. Next moment I somehow arranged driver. Morning 6:30 I started my journey with my mom and grandparents to First Book launch by Authors Empire India.

Around 9:48 am I entered Patiala Aviation Club. I saw two people discussing something when I saw properly it was no one other than Author of flirting with Fate – Preeti Singh & CEO Kunal Marathe himself. As I made my way to them Kunal asked ‘who all came with you ? ’ I said ‘My grandparents and mom’ All of sudden he went red ‘Bring them here Please! What they will do outside’

Then I started observing things around me. Location can be explained in one word ‘ROYAL’. Much more than one can expect. Preeti ma’am turned to me and asked you know what difference between Kunal and other Publishers is? ’ I went numb and after seconds she replied ‘He gives personal touch.’ And even I said same to Kunal ‘You could relaxed your ass on sofa and let others do work but you were involved in every activity taking place around you ’. Every now and then Kunal gave us small dose of his existence. Since I don’t eat food when I travel I couldn’t  judge food but I expect it to be best because it was Kunal’s Launch & he don’t serve Pani Puri (as he says) .

Regarding Launch I bought In pursuit of Woman by Rajbir Sir and I’m almost done with it(will post review soon). His daughter was amazing host. Ritu Ma’am  wore lovely saree seriously I was not able to compliment her that time because she was busy. Her book Too seems interesting will read soon. Kashi was released by Preeti Ma’am because Terin sir couldn’t make it.

Preeti ma’am’s speech was biggest highlight I enjoyed every second of whatever she said. So was of  our dearest CEO now I know him more. I met lot of people there Like Harpreet , Rupesh , Dipali Ma’am , Alokrita , Ishaan , Kartik Who contributed somehow to firm.

It was first book launch I ever attended and I guess it was  finest one .

Thumbs Up To : Host , Snacks , Chief guest – Queen of Patiala

Highlight : Preeti ma’am & Kunal’s speech

WTF moment : Ishaan Thanked Me for reading his book.

Funniest dialog : Kunal : isse kya hua , itna ganda muh kyu banaya hai ?

Most Innocent Person : Rupesh Bhatt

Constant Entertainer : Harpreet Makkar

Best Company : Preeti ma’am

Lastly those who missed it feeling sorry for you. And those who missed after true commitment and gave lame excuses it’s better to say you won’t come as compared to giving false hope .

Who all are booking seats of next book launch ? 

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