One Last Letter


Dearest guy who ditched me ten days before marriage,

How you doing? Hope you are fine! LOL, kidding I don’t wish that. It’s just I deserve clarification, right? You are biggest asshole known to human kind. After dating me precisely using me for 8 years you left me, Alone? Why? I mean where I went wrong? Remember it was YOU who proposed me, who was into me, who loved me, who was crazy about me, who did all stupid things to get attention. But when I asked for true assurance. You left? You are gayest person known to human kind. Guy like you doesn’t deserve to live.

Remember when I told you that my parents are getting me married to someone. You said ‘We’ll elope on your wedding day, because if we can’t live together lets die together’ I honestly believed you. I blindly believed you and started attending every function with huge grin on my face because I thought their efforts will go in vain. But 10 nights before wedding day when I called you up YOUR NUMBER WAS OFF, YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE WAS DEACTIVATED, YOUR TWITTER ACOUNT WASN’T THERE TOO. You have one percent idea how I calmed myself that night and slept? Then I went to your flat, IT WAS LOCKED. Worst part was when I asked your friends where you are. They replied ‘He ran away and won’t be back’ Why? Because I truly loved you? Because I respected our relationship? I guess it will take forever to get over you. Maybe because you were my true love.

Because of your one deed I was scared of relationships. Because of you my husband suffered. You think I want your sympathy? Sorry man. It’s just I want to thank you from bottom of my heart! Because I’m madly in love with my husband. He respects my space!  For 2 months we lived in separate rooms even during honeymoon I didn’t left my hotel room for a second still he smiled and adjusted. He made efforts to win my heart. He brought flowers, chocolate, celebrated monthly anniversaries, and carried shopping bags, gifted jewelries. But one night I overheard him he was talking to his ex-beau and said ‘Maybe she is not over him. But there must be reason why my parents choose her for me. I love her a lot maybe not as much as I loved you but I do and guess what? She is going through a lot I need to stay around her. If I will give upon her now I won’t be considered real man. And you my beautiful lady don’t call me up anymore. I love my wife and I’m waiting for her to fall for me too’. That night I realized we can fall in love again and again and I fall for my husband every morning. He loves me for who I’m we do argue but it’s worth it. Last month I gave birth to twins and we named them after our exes because we want to feel their presences but respect each other’s presence too. I expect you to be happy wherever you are and want you to know I’m happy too.

And next times you think of breaking someone’s heart just know what goes around comes back around. 



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