Cocky Confession Pathetic Pages !


C For Confessions C For Crap C For Well.. Chutiyapan 🙂

Gone are the days when one use to go to Pope to declare their sins. Social media got a new level with viral-by-chance “CONFESSION PAGES”. Started by STANFORD & VIT but now used by all schools, institutes, colleges, universities, society even firms! Dictionary defines term ‘confession ‘as formal declaration of one’s sin but I guess people don’t believe in that term. The pages are being used precisely MISUSED to insult, humiliate and abuse their rivals. As I got into conversation with few admins I was actually shocked to hear various secrets they revealed ‘We half 10,000+ members on our page so in order to keep them attracted we ourselves make confessions’; ‘We totally made page to make confessions but things people confess can’t be revealed to general public’; ‘If it takes them 10 minutes to write those essay like confessions it takes us 20 minutes to moderate them for public.’

But as we all know after a certain time things lose their charm so are confession pages. People are not interested in confessing but more interested in insulting the confessor. I’ve seen people writing ‘can I get likes for no reason , apke toothpaste mein namak hai , RIP English endless things  ’. Confession pages have become people’s favorite place to hangout.Some people write fake proposals for themselves in order to get attention and if that don’t work they write hate confession for themselves too and if nothing works Arch rivals post non sense to bring person’s image down. I don’t get it at all ! I mean why ? why are you using pages ? be bold enough to fight for yourself you don’t need confession pages you need guts.

Every coin has two sides if one side people use it to show their grudge toward people many people found their lost love through these pages. ‘I got back in contact with my school crush through confession page right now we are just friends , can’t wait to propose her ’ says SRCC student (name withdrawn to respect privacy). Before I end my article here are some  SARCASTIC GUIDELINES on How To Survive Confession Pages !


What Not To Comment On CONFESSION PAGES  :-

  1. Don’t go on random confession pages without having ACTUAL Idea about school / college /firm / society
  2. Don’t write ‘RIP ENGLISH’ (Dude ? you are not son of Shakespeare either  )
  3. Don’t write ‘can I get likes for no reason?’ (Seriously? you are so jobless that you loiter on confession pages to get likes? )
  4. Don’t give essay long advice up to the time you are not girl with HOT desktop picture  ( obviously perks of being girl ! whatever you write , people BUY)
  5. Don’t make fun of sad confessions (you don’t know them . you have not stepped in their shoes you never know how much you hurt someone )

What Not To Confess On These Pages :-

  1. Your love for anyone (Have balls ? ! say on face )
  2. Your interest in porn (please talk to Sunny Leone or go to red light area)
  3. Your grudge on anyone (dude , you want me to throw dictionary on your face ? Go check meaning of confession ! )
  4. Your make out sessions (Seriously my friend there are sex stories websites for a reason )
  5. Social issues – (Because social activists Like Prahlad Khakkar , Chetan Bhagat have million followers for a reason )

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