In Conversation With Amish Tripathi :)

Amish : Hello ? Udita ? Yes ! its me Amish , i’m on my way. I have 10 minutes ask whatever you wanted to 


1. Why writing?

A I didn’t choose this career , this career choose me me. Seriously , this book occurred to me.

2.Any difference Between Author you and normal you?

A No there is no difference it’s just I’m different person now as compared to what I was 6 to 7 years back . I’m much calmer and happy now. 

3.Life is all about making choices, like you did and now you are an author. Precisely, Bestselling author. How it feels?

Definitely life changed ! it’s just I’m very lucky person. Lord Shiva blessed me.

4. Anyone specific person whom found as competitor?

A. No , See books are not soaps and toothpastes that one will replace another. Each novel , each writer each story is different there is enough space for everyone so no competition. Book’s fate depends totally one reader we can’t change their way of thinking.

5. You are considered biggest change in Indian literature, you agree?

A. No , I don’t think I’m some kind of change but if people think so then I’m really glad.

6. If life gives you one shot, you will co-author with?

A I don’t believe in co-authoring. See according to me novel is a baby and do you share your baby with anyone?

7. You turned from atheist to Shiva devotee; you find some kind of inner peace in it?

Certainly I do find . I’m much better person now much peaceful . Lord Shiva has been really kind to me .

8. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

A I don’t know. Honestly as long as people are buying my book I will stay as writer moment they will stop buying I will stop writing not literally but I belong to middle class family so I need to work . I will always have banking as back up option . 

9 . Every coin has two sides if one side people like your work there are people who are against you. Does that disturb you?

A See there are people who liked my work , philosophy , language etc. but there are few people too who criticized my work because it was written in Indian literature not in British one ‘Maine Indian hoon toh Indian literature mein hi likhunga ’

10 . What was your reaction when Karan Johar Bought right of your book?

Unbelievable , never thought of it still feels like dream.

11. Now days writing has turned into pure business, you agree?

A See I can divide your questions into two parts and answer for publishers it is pure business but not for writers / authors Main toh kahunga business ke purpose se book mat likhna

12. Do you ever look at any bestseller and think in head ‘Darn! Why that idea didn’t strike me ‘?

No it never happens with me because each writer has different story and every book has different fate so there is no point of regretting over it .

13.Name your recent favorite authors.

(a) Sanjeev Sanyal

(b) Amitabh Ghosh

(c) William Dandridge

(d) Ramesh Menon

14. If you would have not been author, you would have been?

A Banker ! See this thing happened all of sudden I had no intentions of writing. I’m one of those people who get chance of doing well in field they are interested in .

15. You are being compared to Chetan Bhagat, can you comment on this statement?

See in this field we can’t compare anyone. I have lot of respect for him it’s because of Chetan we can dream of selling millions of books

16. When you are free what you do?

A I love reading books! they are my favorite past times

17. Who deserves most credit in journey of writing book?   

No specific person there is whole team my wife , my son , my brothers , my brother in laws , my publishers , my agent all play vital role

18. Share one secret with us.

See I have no secrets , I’m very boring person.

19. Who should play role of Sati & Shiva according to you?

A Sorry I can’t leak any details regarding it wait for Dharma Production to announce .


Me : Hahaha . I’m so sorry for disturbing you Amish ! Thanks for your time 🙂 

*Hung Up *

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