Supratim Ghosh Dastiar ! More Than Just Annoyed Frustrated TEENAGER !

He is commerce student ! a 12th grader ! what makes him different ? Well releasing a book at confused age of 16 ! Meet Supratim ! 🙂 My Friend , An Author and really funny personality ! 

*Young Author *

*Young Author *

Q Why writing?
A First, for me, that’s what I’m made for. Second, it is writing that provides me contentment and happiness. A kind that my accounts book and other subjects don’t offer – cannot offer. Lastly, coz I love writing. And I can’t afford to do injustice to myself by giving it up. Moreover that’s the only thing people say I’m good at… leaving aside a few irrelevant things!  


Q pros and cons of being writer?A A tough question. Pros, perhaps, that you have the liberty of expressing yourself which can eventually help you transfer your pain to the paper in front of you… And I don’t see any cons of being a writer… just that you’re subjected to constant “treat” requests by your friends!  


Q Any embarrassing thing happened regarding female fan following?
A Not really. A few junior girls had once encircled me in school and forced me to fill up their slam books! I didn’t even know them, how did they expect me to fill it up! And there was a teacher who witnessed it all. 
Q if life gave you chance you’ll Co author with?
A I do not have the desire to co author with any big name. If life gave me a chance to co author, that could be any random person. Just that he/she should know proper English.

Q Your aim?
A To have a successful career, to become a (loved) professor and to write books that are loved and appreciated by all.


Q Chetan or Amish who owns your heart?A Amongst the two? No hard feeling but my answer is neither of the two “owns my heart”. Speaking in similar terms, Faraaz Kazi and David Baldacci own my heart in a way, for their wonderful writing. 


Q tell about your next novel?
A At this moment, I can just say that it is going to be hell different from my previously published works. The writing style, the language, theme etc everything is different. I hope it will indeed burn the market!


Q any difference between writer you & actual you? 
A Well, yes. When I write, I try to write what the audience would love to read. I generally try to avoid things happening in my life! And so you know, “No, One For Me” was a fiction! 


Q do you miss old days?
A Everyone does and so do I. I miss being a child. I miss being shy and innocent. I miss being “so good”. 


Q people say something when they meet you in public?
A Some talk about mine being an author. Some give me a seducing smile! And others generally ask for complimentary copies! Phew! How I hate that! 
Q do you think I’m worth dating?
A Every girl is!

Note : Means Supratim will date every girl LOL -.- 


Q am I not cutest interviewer ?

A Am I not the sexiest author? 
I mean, yes, you are! 

Note : Seriously ? were you high while answering ? 


Q if you got chance you’ll Co author with me? 
A Only if you allow me a larger share of royalty! 
Lol, kidding. Why not!


Quick round. Tell Us Your Favorite :-

Author. David Baldacci, Rabindranath Tagore, Durjoy Dutta and the list goes on…
Actor : Aamir Khan
Actress :  Chitrangada Singh, Konkona Sen
Singer :  Mohit Chauhan, Ronan Keating, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Pritam.
Book. : Not any one in particular. Many. 
blogger:  I’m not into blogs so have no idea.
Critic :  Critic? And FAVOURITE? Lol!

(yeah Like movie ones example ANUPAMA CHOPRA)

Quote. “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” ~Bill Cosby

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