Young Author & Funniest Person Till Date – SHUBHAM :D



Q Why Writing? 

 A:- Why breathing? It just happens, no control. Sometimes when you want to feel different, sometimes live in a whole new world, sometimes to express a thing or two or maybe sometimes just to take a break… Writing is a friend who will never disappoint you.



Q Can you justify the title of your book? 


A:- There’s me (the protagonist, not the real me), an ex and she falls in love. So precisely “My EX Fell In Love” 😀



Q Young male author! Your FEMALE fan following ever lead to anything embarrassing? 


A:- Haha! Well, maybe “I love you and I will make you love me” embarrassing, but not “Say yes or I’ll kill myself” embarrassing.



Q What was it like writing for shades of love?


A:- It was great in many ways. It was the first short story I ever wrote in my life. And I was late in submitting as well. All I wanted was the experience and some weeks later I see my name along with Durjoy Dutta, Shweta Ganesh Kumar and Nikita singh! 



Q If you could co-author with one person who will that be? 


A:- In my friends, I’d love to write a sarcastic and funny story sometime with Anil Sharma. And in the already published writers, it’s like a dream to write something with Arundhati Roy someday.


Q Chetan Bhagat Or Amish Tripathi Who made difference?


A:- It’s like asking Shane Warne or Sachin, who is a better cricketer? While Amish Tripathi is a writer on a supremely different level and no one can match his skills in that genre, Chetan Bhagat created a revolution in the field by inspiring young writers.

Q How you feel when fans come up to you and give positive feedback?

A:- Happy… Glad… Excited… Elated… Add all the synonymous. And who wouldn’t love his work being praised. Although I prefer honest criticism over fake appreciation.


Q How will you feel if you novel turned into movie?

A:- Amazing! Who wouldn’t? Although I am not really counting on that. 😛

Q Engineering or writing what interest you more? 

A:- Both. I took both by choice and I enjoy doing both. But in this answer, engineering does not mean academics only.



Q Something you miss of time when you were not a writer ? 

A:- I miss the time when I wasn’t a published writer. Being a writer didn’t happen all of a sudden and neither did it change me with time. But getting published did make many differences… both good and bad.

Q Do you think i’m cutest and most adorable interviewer till date? (Answer is no but still)

A:- What if it’s a yes? If you think I’m flattering you then to defend me I can say that I haven’t given much interviews to girls and I don’t find guys ‘adorable’ 😛


Q If you remember you are supposed to give me a party?

A:- Yes. I remember the tweet. Don’t worry it’s on the list.


Q Will you co-author with me? Ever? 

A:- Absolutely. Anytime you have something that requires some humor and poor jokes, count me in.



Q If we met will you give me gift? 

A:- Why not? Send me a list of the cheapest and easily available things you want, I’d make sure I get one of them the next time I visit your city and you pay for the tickets.  Haha. Kidding. Umm… I’ll pay for the tickets. Rest was true.



Q Share a secret which people will come to know after reading this blog!

A:- There is a line I used on my blog some time back. “They call it a secret for some reason.”

Still, here’s a little one. I have decided the title of my second book. Won’t tell yet, but yes, this is something I am revealing here.



Quick Round :-


Favorite Author : Cecelia Ahern, Sydney Sheldon.

Favorite Actor : Gerard Buttler, Hugh Jackman.

Favorite Actress : Scarlett Johansson.

Favorite Movie : Rang De Basanti, The Dark Knight.

Favorite Book : Wings of fire.


Important Links 


You Can Get His Book Here :-;00d4:9865/s65/dg2/sbdldeo/dpn0:89:493584133/kqh


Book’s Official Page :-


Author’s Profiles :-

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