Pretty Preeti Ma’am :) Interview


 Q Tell us something about you which hardly people know .

A…Am in my 40s but still a teenager at heart…who still believes in fairy tale romances and believes her Prince Charming will surely come !!

Q Why Writing ?


A….Writing gives a satisfaction to my soul…..can express what I want to say….convey openly


Q Flirting with fate ! how come you got this title ?


A…I wanted something to jell with the youth as well as elders…besides that’s what we all do …play with our destinies…right ?


Q How you manage life ?


A…Life teaches us at every step….like everyone else…I am also learning….will keep learning and managing…


Q Any change after turning into author ?

A….Am asking the same question to my family…friends.,….have I changed ?

Q Anything you miss in life ?


A…Yeah…..sometimes miss being carefree…without any responsibilities….like yourself dear….a teenager 🙂

Q how will you feel if book turn into a movie ?


A…Ecstatic !! Though will need guidance how to walk on that path !

Q Looks like you are everyone’s favorite around ! , how you manage ?


A…Honestly I dunno….guess I am just myself….the girl next door, friendly attitude…

Q Now share a secret which no one knows but will know after reading this interview .


A…Ooops !! I don’t see the news and don’t read fiction ! ( wonder how I wrote one, though ! )


Q If you ever got a chance to co-author a book who will be that person ? 


A..Unlike the popular trend nowadays, I do not believe in co –authorship but I have nothing against anyone who goes ahead with it. As far as I know, it will never happen…but if it does….the right person will come along and we will create a masterpiece.

Q I’ve gone through your updates ! you are always optimistic and ready to help ! from 13 to 30 only 1 person Preeti Ma’am .—how you manage ? 


A ..Thank you so much…..i believe pass the candle on…sumone helped me….am helping others…it goes on that way….


Q Anyone you miss a lot ?


A…yes….old friends who promised to be there forever…but get swayed by many and drift away, forgetting the bonds we shared.

Q am i one of the most adorable interviewer till date ?


A….Dare I say no ??? Lols……you are sweet…bold and beautiful…definitely. And yes, the most interesting and bindaaas interview I have given to date !! well done !


Q will you give me any small token of memory  if we meet ? please ? 

A….Oh YES….I have always met everyone from the writer’s fraternity with a teeny weeny gift…..for you a jaadu ki jhappi and a surprise gift…for sure.


Quick 5 :

answer in 1 word

Favorite Author ? …Eckhart Tolle ( Not Indian ) Bhavya Kaushik,,,author of The Other                  Side of The Bed ( Indian )

Favorite Actor ?One and only…Amitabh Bachan

Favorite Movie ?.Andaaz apna apna ( Indian)…and Sound of Music ( International )

Favorite Book ?The Power of Now By Eckhart Tolle ( I read it 10 times )

Favorite Song ?...Iss modh se jaatey hain…( Aandhi )


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