Amish Tripathi – Author , Change & Mentor #Respect

Amish Tripathi


It took me around 3 months to study him that included his book too. To be very honest I’m very much into ROMANCE FICTION but yeah! This book changed my concept about BOOKS. For me books meant guy. Girl, love, lost and lust but ‘Immortals of Meluha changed it all’. I started with book because Karan Johar Bought its rights and  I’m Karan Johar Fan but slowly gradually I turned into AMISH TRIPATHI FAN ! I turned into his maniac to be honest . His  Work is amazing I’m done with it and for the first time my dad is reading any novel and that’s by obviously Amish Tripathi !

Still can’t believe banker can turn into successful author that too by writing history because only few A listed authors (whom I don’t want to name) are actually preferred by mass Indians population for  light erotic novels but authors like Amish ,Ashwin etc  are serving something very different . WOW Moment was when I came to know his book sold around 5 Lakh copies! It was rejected by 20 publishers Westland are actually quite lucky its second time it’s happening that a book being rejected multiple times turn into best sellers (Honestly I know only two people )

It took me around 25 days to complete whole book because I was working on my manuscript ,  also was blogging and to be very honest I was studying too but I got some kind of inner peace after reading it . I’m still atheist and I seriously hope after reading his books I turn into well theist . my parents are very religious but are liberal too  (just like Amish tripathi’s ). I seriously wish books were little cheap because I being 17 year old BANKRUPT Person can’t afford all of them them in one go.

And I do believe someday I will talk to him Like Personally!

Hopes & dreams are the reasons we live.


My only contact with him was :-

Amish Tripathi:

Pleasure to hear from u. And thank you RT @iUditaPal: & I Found him at last . one of my favorite author till date @amisht

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