Screwed ! – Aakash Saxena ~

Why Writing ? 

It was a bet! We were travelling from delhi to ludhiana in a stinking general compartment of a train. My friend was reading this sappy-cheesy book. I read a few lines and said, dude, i can write better than this.’ He said, ‘Fine. I bet you can’t.’ Then i said, ‘Game on’….. Tada….

Is Story real or fiction work ? 

Of course, it’s derivative of real life events. To help the readers distinguish facts from fiction, i’ve always maintained that the most unbelievable parts of this story would be actually true.

What’s with this title ? 

Me and a couple of my friends were sitting on our hostel’s rooftop way into the night. Then suddenly one of them saw the warden coming and he said, ‘Oye dude! I think we are screwed.’ BAAAM! Thus, the book was christened.

Favorite part from Novel ? 

My favourite part from the novel would have to be the one in which the dudes go out chasing the girl on motorcycles. It was the time when we went from being innocent kids to rash teens.

Chetan Bhagat or Amish Tripathi  who brought change ? 

These are two authors who blew down the doors when the publishing industry in india was in a rut. Chetan Bhagat books invited scorns from the purists but nevertheless, they introduced a whole new generation to reading. Amish on the other hand, came at a time when Indian writing was getting heavily stereotypical. He introduced a whole new genre. So, in my opinion both of them are badass.

if you could get 1 chance to co-author with someone who will that be ? (other than me)

 I would co-author a book with anyone as long as he promises to handle all the promotions and marketing. Because all that is a real pain in the butt

Any upcoming project ?

Yeah, I am working on something. It’s been three years since i wrote DWS. So that’s three years of knowing new people, places, emotions and scenarios. I think i have quite a lot to go on with.

Most important question don’t you think i’m one hell lot of cute interviewer?

Really? I am pretty sure i would have asked you out then.





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