Happy Birthday Malay !


So on 14 April My best buddy my wanna porn movie producer my Legend WAIT FOR IT dary friend was Born. what I takes to be friend? care? share? love? honesty ? truth? trust? loyalty? he lacks all! he’s sarcastic! & I love him for that :*  He inspired many chapters of my novel and always acted like big time bitch ! he never gave upon our friendship no matter how rude pathetic and invalid i sounded. i almost ruined his relationship still he smiled and never ruined our bond ! he was , is and will be a true moodbooster ! i don’t know! when was the last someone made me laugh this hard !  when we came up with concept of BOLD AGE HOME i thought i’ll loose you ! but duh ! Phew ! #PERKSOFBEING GIRL you won’t leave me ! Ghee’s cumshot! My Mallu Porn! & Saurav’s God knows what. Wish you amazing life ahead. in case you forgot MAAR JAA KUTTE LOCAL SE GIR JA LONAVALA KE BHOOT! Happy Birthday! 

Much Love
{ bold age home }


Cumshot you’re the most sarcastic/cynical mate I have ever met. And certainly one of those whom I really want to meet in real life. So I just wish you a very happy birthday and may you have another hundred with always tens of chicks around which I know fuels you up. :p

Kicks and abuses
Bold age home.
( Ghee, Brown bitch, Shah Rukh Khan’s janitor ) 


& Malay ! We don’t say this often but we love you ! we love you more than we love SUNNY LEONE ! so you understand dept of our love ? 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Malay !

  1. Yes, I truly understand the depth of your love. I never expected this kind of jubilation from anybody on my birthday. But the way you have set this up, is simply outstanding.

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