Chockolate Sauce: Smooth Dark Sinful

Blogger’s Note

It’s not review (I seriously don’t know how to write them)

‘Chockolate Sauce- Smooth.Dark.Sinful’ Name is such a turn on, no?

So is story!


About Arpit ?

Well I love him less as an author more as person!

Very friendly , very sweet & very chocolaty !

MY DADDY ! ❤ {Yeah! he adopted me! }

He Is well uhmmm ! Nice.

Still remember first time when we talked i gestured him as UNCLE! LOL

He is definitely young (not more than me) and talented (Definitely more than me).

Born and brought up in Indore , currently working with Time of India group blah blah ! you can know more about him through his FACEBOOK Or Twitter Profile Here are links I’m not going to give his bio.


Twitter :


About Story :

Well Story revolves ! around love triangle or some kind of mixed shape . Who loves whom who lusts whom .It’s very confusing But yeah it’s a freaking page turner it took me 3.5 hours to complete . thought of calling Arpit then and there but then again ! Daddy must be sleeping !

Story is Basically set between 4 people Arnab , Aditi , Rishi And Jhanvi.

Arnab likes Jhanvi. Aditi Likes Arnab . Jhanvi THINKS she likes Arnab And Rishi ? well he likes everybody .

For a second I felt like I was living this story As Arnab (yeah I was this deep into the book ). It was hard to resist crying at tough times . it was hard to control laugh at funny ones and I loved that OPENING POEM (someone will have to write poems for  my book too ! )

There are so many parts which will make you think like *DAMN WISH THIS HAPPEN WITH ME ! *


You see ? I’m freaaaaaking in laaaaaaaaav with ARNAB ! (if anyone interested in being my boyfriend ! do read this book and change yourself according to it ! )

Looks like I’m not talking about story and PS-> Why should I ? I didn’t paid 125 Rs  to narrate whole to you !

Go grab your copy :-

And you can read Actual reviews on :-–smooth-dark-sinful?auto_login_attempted=true

Special Note for Bokaro People :-

Book is available at leading stores Like BOOKFIND , NALANDA BOOKSTORE , STUDENT’S FRIEND , GYAN GANGA Etc ! Go Grab your copy ! Or Visit One More Cup (with your partner) Grab the copy and read !

Muah !

Udzz 😀 

Author: IUditaPal

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