Annoyed Arpit Vageria -.- #Author




Why Writing ?

It gives me pleasure, satisfaction to express my thoughts in a form of story. Everybody finds some or other way to express themselves, I chose writing! As its interests me, excites me, motivates me.


Any difference in author & normal you?

Not much, Though as an author i am more responsible towards my readers, more thoughtful, more imaginative. As a normal me- I dream a lot. I am a day-dreamer. Not bad. Helps me in writing.


Amish or Chetan who made difference?

Both of them actually. Had it not been Chetan, It would never have motivated so many writers to be an Author, Many Indians prefer simple English to read. But Amish, Surely made huge difference. He’s hero of every Indian reader. It revitalized Indian literature and the way story are read. Hats off to both of them!

As an author what according to you is biggest power in your hands?

My words definitely. My readers. Readers do relate my story to my personal life and like to believe that male protagonist is very much of me. I love them all for their belief upon me

& how you got idea of this title?

Chocolate Sauce makes a simple coffee taste awesome. Same is with story, Jahnvi was that same flavour in Arnab’s life. His Chocolate Sauce.  To keep the same jarring and disturbing feel story has, I thought of experiment with spelling and made it “Chockolate Sauce”

Upcoming projects?

Working on two different novels at moment. Hopeful of completing it soon. Readers are demanding “Chockolate Sauce” sequel, So working on that. Another one is a very different story and genre.

Will Udita Pal get free signed copy?

Lol. You’re too cute a kid to say NO. You’ll get that 



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