What is Love ?


Firstly I’m not talking about love you have for your parents or family members. It’s Uhmm Opposite sex love (maybe with same sex too {if you know what I mean } )


Is love when you talk to person late at night ?

NO ! you can talk to any random person

Is love when you go out with them ?

No ! no it can be called a date or way of spending time with friends

Is love when you go intimate with them ?

No !  That’s pure lust

Is love when you are not able to see them with someone else ?

No ! that’s your insecurity

Is love when you hate it when they ignore your updates ?

No ! that’s so childish !

Well according to me love is when he makes you center of his world . Love is when he don’t care about your past . Love is when he tells you flaw as soon as he see them . Love is when he dedicates you romantic songs . Love is when he sends you random gifts for the sake of smile . Love is when he makes dirty jokes out of your frustration . Love is when he asks you to calm down when you freaks out . Love is when your mom loves his company. Love is when he don’t like your updates but stalks you everyday . Love is when he comes on white Audi not on white horse (LOL ! ).  Love is when no one other than you know what’s inside story ! Love is well … everything about him defines love. Love is when you want to give up on him every now and then but heart says give him time . Love is when you like it when he shouts at you . Love is when he makes your life 10 times beautiful. Love is when he makes you think life can’t be more beautiful. Love is when you are scared better girl will replace you .


Me : & for the records I fucking hate you !

He : Okay ! I love you too , see you tomorrow  

Me : Sounds good .

He: So you love me ?

Me : Yes !

He : I Hope

Me : I trust ! 

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