Lust Versus Love

There is big difference between love and lust , Problem is people don’t get it anymore 


We say there is weird pleasure is loving someone who don’t love us. is it really ? . It F**king hurts ! a lot ! At times they say they love you , want you around , don’t want to loose you , they take care of you and when you start falling for them . Then ? ‘you took me all wrong , that was your imagination , why are you so emotional ?’


And when relationships don’t work out they come up with , “I’ll satisfy you i promise and all , really ? will that help ? won’t it bring you closer to that person ?”


Saddest part is if you say yes to that *SATISFACTION THING* After a while they will leave you anyway. So ? what’s the point of getting close to that person ? 


Me : You Love me and hate me at same time 

He : I don’t hate you , you just make it hard for me to love you . It;s just you keep me pushing away everytime i try getting close to you 

Me: That’s what i do..i Push because no matter what i will always get hurt , ALWAYS 

He:I’m not going to hurt you , i promise 

Me: That’s what they all said 


We all meet by saying ”Facebook friends , friends , close friends , best friends , partners ” but almost every story had other side which goes on , On bed , facebook , messages , emails , skype , phone 

Story we don’t want to share .


We all start will Like Or Love but at the end it’s LUST Just LUST 

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