Author’s Note



Our generation is very demanding. Cute guys should be single, rich guys should be single, celebrities should be single, MY CRUSH should be single, She should be hot! She should be good on bed! She should have perfect rack! she should be on my bed whenever I want .he should like my family, she should let me flirt , he should not drive fast , she should let me drink ,she should not wear hot dresses in front of other guys , he should not leak our private talks . Blah Blah Blah Very Very Very Demanding (Oh yes I’m demanding myself! I’m no different either).

Loves don’t exist at this age! (Please don’t hate me for saying so!) . It has no future! (May be couple of pregnancies, abortion, regression. . .). I’ve read it somewhere “Before Break up Janu after Break Janwar, Before Break up Cutie after Break up Kutti”. Come on you want to get into relationship at age where you cheat in exams (Well admit it you cheat in relationships too).At age where we don’t remember color of our underwear we want full-fledged commitment! What the Hell. .(Seriously don’t burn this book or send me hate mails ! I’m saying bitter truth THAT’S ITL)

Relationships at this age is as disastrous as PCMB Topper doing English honors , it’s like taking foreign language classes when you can’t even speak English properly , it is like going to 5 star restaurant with expired card it’s like going in wrong ATM with wrong card. You get my point? You start by saying you love them but somewhere you simply lust them. But even if you don’t can you guarantee a future? Can you promise a forever? No you can’t. Be practical.

Join Ela, Suhas and their almost perfect fairytale. How they met. How they fought. How they became friends. How they fall for each other. How they realized different priorities of life. How they fall apart. How they realized each other’s value. Relationships At This Age Has NO FUTURE! In College It Has But Blurred one though but During Job Period! *Thumps Up!* Go For It J

8 thoughts on “Author’s Note

  1. The entire concept of demands has been portrayed so well, and nonetheless, it’s very true that people are actually too fast in getting into a relationship, and even getting out of it! Hats off 🙂

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