You Know Things Are Not Working Out…..

  • When you change your Facebook password all of sudden….
  • When you prefer talking to other people rather than your partner.
  • When conversations you have usually ends with “J , K, bye etc.”
  • When you aren’t part of everyone’s day to day gossip anymore.
  • When you quit liking each other’s updates.
  • When you start finding more flaws in your partners.
  • When you start ignoring your partner’s messages.
  • When you find it boring that people tease you with your partner’s name.
  • When you miss old friendship.
  • When sad songs start making sense.
  • When nothing soothes you more than silence.
  • When cuddling bed early becomes day to day habit.
  • When laughing is not a regular thing.
  • When recess don’t include walking on field together anymore.
  • When old gifts and memories break you down but also make you cherish past at same time.
  • When all of sudden you find life useless.
  • When ‘Kohl’ gets destroyed thinking about him.
  • When hitting periods late don’t make you think you are pregnant.
  • When you don’t have even a second to have conversation with your partner.
  • When out of nowhere your partner starts comparing you with their ex.
  • When internet history again is filled with porn.
  • When only voice you can hear on date is of Plates and forks.
  • When kisses are changed into half hugs.
  • When first and foremost priority becomes ‘studies’.
  • When you start telling your mom how helplessly you are drowning in sea in emotions.
  • When you have to go to washroom regularly in school not to pee but to check if you are looking destructive or not.
  • When your balance remains constantly for really long while
  • When your parents and friends are scared about sudden changes in you.
  • When numbers like 143, 1432 or 69 don’t make you smile anymore.
  • When you purposely turn your Facebook chat off.
  • When your updates on Facebook are either NIL Else sad.
  • When you start smoking again
  • When rains aren’t romantic anymore.
  • When instead of having conversation you end up quarreling with your partner.
  • When you change your place in school.
  • When your Facebook status turns  ‘Single ’
  • When you cut your own hand and like it when crimson liquid falls.
  • When you start thinking you deserved someone better
  • When you don’t keep track of any anniversary
  • When red roses are changed into lilies.
  • When you purposely quit replying them.
  • When class clowns don’t tease you anymore.
  • When sluts of your class say how your boyfriend was big time flirt and still you don’t bother to listen
  • When your friends are tired of setting you guys for blind date again and again.
  • When you miss the way your hands use to wander on each other’s body.
  • When you change your tuition batch.
  • When you remove all your cozy pictures from Facebook
  • When you are recommended to meet physiatrist
  • Then you know you are ready for break up! 

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