Upclose & Point To Point With Parry-G



Q- Out of all the careers you could opt for, you choose music that also rapping, Why?


A-Well , Initially I used to be a studious child  … 93% in my 12th aint that bad and I school I used to play Bongo & rookie drums on orchestra . 4th class the first time I ever performed. 
But getting this much good grades in 12th college i got i was bit discouraged . I mean i was like Damn !! what the hell…. there I got my break up too . I was on the verge of breaking down  .. (tbh its true ). but I dnno one day at hostel started writing about my life , love life and all.. you know . Performed in college for the first time ( i mean rap) . Got mad appreciations , then thought of going ahead i mean coz it made me Satisfied . I used to write and practice a lot for about two years . I mean I got that respect in Indian underground and now m like thinking to go professional 


Q- Any source of inspiration ?


A-Eminem , no doubt , the first rapper I started listening to and i was like damn man you got real stuff . 


Q-Biggest achievement?


A-Oasis being the India’s second Largest Cultural Fest @Bits, Pilani . I bagged the title of Mr. Oasis 2012 ( First rapper in history of Bits to bag it  
Chitkara university Won Rap wars ( rappers from different states were there )
Made Insanity “India’s Fastest verse” till now .


Q- if you got chance you’ll sing with which playback Singer.?


A- No doubt Bruno Mars  


Q- your Favorite song sung by you ?


A-By me .. all .. lol … well Emptiness Rap cover which I made few months ago. 


Q- Message for haters?

A-Speak ill about me behind my back coz u ain’t got balls at front . xD

Q-Upcoming work?


A-Well many collaborations from India , Japan , U.k are pending , m just struck in this time where i can’t work properly but soon will be getting to it . 

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