No One For Me – Supratim Ghosh Dastidar

Free Advice : Never read this book in class you may end up missing 6 Hindi classes LIKE ME . 

When i saw cover i was like it’s average but when i started rImagereading i was like . BOY YOU SURE YOU 16 ? & when you talk to me all that cute and all but in Novel your dirty side ? *ahem ahem* (y)

story is beautiful. precisely Supratim portrayed it in beautiful manner. there are parts which you’ll remember forever ! problems that a teen go through regularly ! & those fun we have 🙂 
most stupid memories of our teenage Yes Reproduction classes ! hilariously told ! i’m not saying so because he is my friend but his work is really THAT GOOD ! 
Honey Singh incident , those trips , those raunchy kisses ! made my stomach ache ! 
it’s a must must must buy ! trust me . It’s a book you should have in your collection , it’s one you should read when you are low 😀 
First book i read this year & i found best 

Feel Like Buying ? 

To get the book at A SPECIAL, LIMITED, DISCOUNT OFFER, you can PRE ORDER the book in the following links… Hurrrry!! 🙂



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