Te Amo :) – Rohit Sharma

Confession 1 :- No matter how much you will beg me i won’t lend this book to anyone . Khud Kharido & Padho.

Confession 2 :- Gift it to your loved once ! trust me ! it’s great ! 

Confession 3 :- Supratim Ghosh Dastidar you were right ! At times Mahaveer Makes Amazing Covers ! 

Confession 4 :- I’m in love with story ! 

Confession 5 :- Rohit Sharma Seriously ! , you thought this beautiful story on your own ? it’s charming ! 

Okay ,
As name suggests it’s love story , as cover suggests it’s about couple ! okay i’m making it crappy . Just like almost every novel published in India this book had friendship – in it’s purest form , Love – in deepest form , What’s different ? That’s story ! Every character somehow , somewhere will be related to you , trust me.I’m in love with Aryan’s character though . What about you ? 
Buy And tell :-

Homeshop 18 :-


Ps-> It’s not Book review or PDA 
It’s just way of showing i loved novel.


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