It sucks leaving old school behind, it do. Trust me. When I joined school for the first time I was like ‘I won’t stay in this school, I’ve certain standards, and I’ve studied in best school of my town & WHY ON EARTH DAD SENT ME HERE’.

This was my reaction when I joined but now? I love this school. Really! I love my friends, rivals , crushes (I DON’T HAVE ANY) , Ex-Boyfriend (just kidding I still hate him & I won’t forgive him for his CHUTIYA PANTI), My teachers & above all my principal. But few people in this school changed my life FOREVER (in good sense).

#My Bus Gang:

If there will be Oscars for coolest busy gang we will win. For sure. Anumeha , Jobsy , Manish , Shubronil , Mr Donor & OBVIOUSLY ADORABLE ME ❤ ❤ . We have so much non sense to discuss! From who is hot to who is not! From Bengali boards to making Zoo everyone’s Sasural ! Half of our conversation can be turned into comedy circus scripts!. Jobsy I’m so freaking sorry I insult you as I’ve said quite often *koi aur hota toh chappal marta ! J * But you have patience! You hear, you control you smile! Thanks for that: D. I never told you this but I do love you a lot J you are my cutest sister xD. Manish ko koi bolna my chocolate is still pending! Mr Donor? YOU! All this time I thought you are one shy topper but you? You are different! You are entertaining! You make me laugh hard! Your jokes are cheap but then who say normal jokes in our group? Next Comes Beauty Queen Anumeha :* ILOVEYOU ! I’m regretting the fact that I’m straight! You are beauty with brain! My class topper! My miss universe! J Last but not the least shubronil ! You are nice & HOW THE HELL YOU GOT 40 STARS?? : O fucks you! Stay blessed! tumblr_miww10Aqhr1qgu018o1_500

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