#My Take Over Relationships


Ever heard about people who suck at relationships? Yes I’m one of them I’ve never been into relationships, I hate love (not actually) but ….

I’ve never been into those lovey-dovey Bollywood masala relationships. Yes- No roses, No songs, no long drive, no movies, No great proposals. Only lame relationships and deadly break ups.unfortunately after reading so many novels and watching so many movies I want perfect guy with perfect features and well EVERYTHING PERFECT. That is why I’ve been more of bitch less of PERFECT GIRLFRIEND.

I was only girl in family blessed with lot of brothers so my demands were different. I preferred GTA Game over Lakme lipstick, I Preferred new tee instead of perfumes I preferred roller coaster ride over expensive date.

But after seeing my friends cuddling, I felt alone so I got into dating, relationships , affairs and it changed my taste! And yuck it was disgusting I hate dates , I hate hearts , I hate read , I hate teddies (Not Really I Love Them), I hate cards , I hate love But I love love stories , they are like best thing ever happened to world. From Durjoy Dutta to Stephanie Meyer. I love , love stories from Karan Johar to Anurag Basu.i’ve been into them.

After drastic break ups I quit getting into relationships, I mean I prefer being FOREVER ALONE Rather than Cheap slut-despo-bitch- Errrr, hope everyone agrees. It’s just people waste lot of money, time & well… money for relationships at schooling period, it kind of piss me off, I over hear girls saying ‘my baby sent me relationship request’’, ‘my baby got me a ring (not gold one please!)’, ‘my baby took me to 3 star hotel’ And I’m like dad just got me new novel, My mom gave me kiss. My bro just punched me. They laugh at me but after few months I’ll laugh at them reason? ‘He left me after so many promises, gifts and messages and pictures he left me so he is son of bitch ’ where as guys are like ‘she was slut, she wanted gifts, money, pamerping’and Iam like JESUS CHRIST!

‘When we fight with our partners we update status as single but we never update our status as ORPHAN when we fight with our parents’

I believe one should set goals, priorities, passion, partners, and parents in specific order. I know all play vital role in growing up but few play important roles rest are like ignorant. Ask yourself you seriously think you can stay with person who hates your parents or best friends? Don’t know about you but I definitely I can’t NEVER!


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