My Perfect Guy


#My Take Over MY Perfect Guy

So most girls are like i need PERFECT BOYSo yes me too even after breaking up almost 10 + time iam like let’s give another try & i fail again as they cheat or i cheat but  just like others want stable commitment too iam 16 i got long way to go and after taking wrong decision loads of time i prefer having this crush yes crush won’t affect me .It will break me at times but it won’t affect my studies Cuz there won’t be any ATTACHMENTS ! . & this fucking buddies, friends for benefits won’t last also it will leave me with regression and pain 🙂 


I want stable Guy rich one , one who won’t drunk in parties cuz he will have to drive me home , one who’ll buy me designer clothes not to strip but to show how beauty stays still even in cheap or expensive clothes , one who takes me to his place every other weekend not for sex but for making me meet his mother , one whose Facebook relationship status will say SINGLE But heart taken , one who will propose me at public place , who who’ll punch guy who will disturb me , one who will stay up to i make presentations , one who will make me cry but those tears will be of happiness , one who won’t mind dancing and singing in public up to i don’t start laughing . one who wn’t judge me on my dad’s balance , bro’s salary but will judge on my smile and food made by mom 🙂 One who’ll compose small insane raps 😛 one who’ll call up late at night to say u still looking beautiful One How Will Be That Good Looking That Girls Will Envy 🙂 iam Asking for too much 🙂 i know but if god exists ill get him 🙂 


I need a guy who gets it updating any status won’t change my feelings for him. I want a guy who well it bold and out spoken like me . I want a guy who has sarcasm just like me



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