End Game

Udupi; Karnataka

Of all beaches, I’ve been to Udupi’s beaches are very close to my heart. Solo trips are best to polish your soul and get a new look at life. After a 7 km long walk and a fake Air Bnb deal, I came across this small hotel near the beach, and I took the last they had. I was sitting alone on the beach when I came across this guy. Simple, sweet and probably had a lot to offer.

I remembered him from the bus, we both shared the same bus. Was it a coincident or something planned. I remember him as he was the only guy in a formal suit in the bus. Here he was sitting near the shed. He was taking off his clothes; I couldn’t help but stare at him. He had a fantastic body, a small tattoo of an eagle, I smiled and walked into the sea. I was too busy admiring the sea that I almost forgot about his presence. I was too busy look at the shore when a wave hit me hard, and I fell on the ground, this guy picked me up.

We sat by the shore when he looked at me and said, ‘I remember you, you are that girl in that Star Wars hoodie’ I smiled, and he continued, ‘It is weird to see you in a bra and shorts on a beach you wear these specs, it is hard to decide what goes on in your mind’ .

I went inside sea again and started staring at it; I was able to feel someone from behind, it was him, I was able to feel him from behind. He bundled my hair up to one side and licked my shoulder, ‘Salty’ he said, ‘You should try more parts’ I said, winked and started going back to my hotel.

I screamed and said, ‘If we are meant to meet we’ll meet somewhere on this beach tonight.’ I went back to my room, slept for sometime and worked for a little more at night I got up for a small jog on the beach, I had my headphones on and at one point I felt like someone pushed me on the ground and was on top of me. I smiled and got on top of him, ‘We are meant to be’ he said, as I choked him.

I smiled and let him go and started walking again; this time music was loud.

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I don’t wanna touch you, I don’t wanna be
Just another ex-love, you don’t wanna see

He came close and started smooching me; I was able to feel his hand play with my hair and his hands were on my back playing with strings on my bra, my hands were on his face slowly going down and on his chest and taking off his shirt. I was able to feel his abs.



I don’t wanna hurt you, I just wanna be
Drinking on a beach with you all over me

He took off his shirt and used it as a mat and pushed me down and started smooching me; maybe we were fearless, the last thing which came to our head was our reputation, emotions were pouring out of our body. I was wearing a small skirt, he lifted it up and took off my panties, ‘you are not going back to your room with those.’ We kept kissing, and I was able to feel the bulge in his pants, I smiled and asked, ‘Are you going to fuck me or not?’ it was hard to see him properly, but I was pretty sure he was smiling.


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I hit you like bang, we tried to forget it, but we just couldn’t
And I bury hatchets, but I keep maps of where I put ’em

I was enjoying every second of make out, I was smoking weed while he was busy going down on me, I still don’t understand why he did that, it was so sandy outside, and I was screaming out of pleasure. He started licking me softly, and I was able to feel his finger go in, I twitched my hands. He got up and asked me to take a puff and keep it inside my mouth as much as I can, and I did my best, but after a point, I was able to feel multiple fingers get involved, and I was cumming all over his hand, and I released smoke.

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And I can’t let you go, your hand prints on my soul
It’s like your eyes are liquor, it’s like your body is gold

He unzipped his pants and put on a condom, within no time he was inside me fucking me hard, I was able to feel his nails engrave on my body. My little conscious mind was able to figure that maybe in one corner someone can see us but my mind surrendered to my body and refused to give up and kept enjoying every stroke. We didn’t have much time to experiment, at the end of the day it was a beach in India and people can see you and take you to police anytime. I was able to feel that he was ready to cum, I got up, removed the condom and started jerking him off so that I could suck him off, I sucked him dry. He was shocked and intrigued at the same time. We walked to near water to clean us off a little bit.


You’ve been calling my bluff on all my usual tricks
So here’s the truth from my red lips

He tried asking my name, my number or any detail. I refused to give him and said, I want to enjoy this discrete affair I had. 2 days into it, I got a message from him saying, ‘You cannot be bought but hotel manager can be, let’s meet tonight? ‘ I smiled and blocked his number.


Lyrics End Game


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Pattaya | Thailand

“But you are unforgettable I need to get you alone.”

I was swinging my body to French Montana when I saw this guy silently looking at me and sipping his drink. There was something about him that made him stand out; I made my way to him. My green hair, needy eyes were getting closer to him. I started opening every button of my dress- one by one as I was getting closer to him. A part of me wanted to tease him, make the process slow.


Someone said it right, nakedness is not a turn on but sheer clothes giving a little idea about the body is hotness and people are curious to know what is inside. I finally was next to him in a booth, where he was standing like any other guy in a club- dressed in semi formals fit chinos, and black shirt rolled up, but the way he was looking at me was turning me on.

large (1).jpg

“It ain’t my fault you keep turning me on.”

I was swinging my head to Zara Larsson song, and I grabbed his hand and took him to the dancing area, I made him touch my waist and kept grinding my ass on his crotch harder he was getting hotter our chemistry was getting. I smiled and turned around and lead his hands inside my top and his reaction was priceless, there was no bra, and his hands were touching my breasts. I smiled wickedly and continued dancing and waited for him to make a move.

He grabbed my head and smooched me hard, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I took him to his closed corner of the bar and opened couple fo buttons of his shirt, he was shy I could guess, and luckily I knew one place where we could have made out. This bar closed down their old washrooms and made new ones, I took him to one of the old stalls and made him sit on the seat and took off my top.


I rubbed my breasts on his face and whispered in his ears, “keep biting them there are marks left, ” and he was following every instruction I was giving him. I pulled his hair and asked him to dig deeper. I turned around and bent over and asked him to smack my ass till it is red. I could see that he was getting scared, but it didn’t stop me from asking him more!

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He continued doing that and watching me laugh hurt his male ego, and he took down my panties, I smiled and started twerking and next thing I know, he is using his belt to whip my ass and I just never wanted it to stop, I wanted him to do it non stop. He pulled my hair and brought me close to him, and his hands were on my neck choking me I was running out of breath, but he was least bothered by it.

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He pushed me down on the seat and made me poke my ass out, and next thing I know is that his fingers are inside me. One-two-three and before I could feel fourth I was able to handle my juices on his fingers. He pulled me up and made me go down on my knees and unzipped his pants, and next thing I know is, his tool was inside my mouth, and he pinched and closed my nose leaving no space for me to breath.

He kept fucking my mouth till I was able to feel his pre-cum inside my mouth and next thing I know he sat on the seat again and made me sit on his penis and kept fucking me. Next thing I know he bent me over a place and started fucking me from the back and stuffed my panties into my mouth leaving 0 space for me to scream. The session continued for a while, I was able to feel another orgasm build inside me, and his fingers inside my ass and I was finding it hard to control my body anymore. I came all over his dick, and he continued for some time and then came all over my ass.

large (2).jpg

I got up and went to another stall to clean myself and next thing I know the guy left the place with my panties and left a note saying, ‘You will be unforgettable.’

As much as I wanted to see him again, I knew it was better to let him go, and I went outside and called an Uber. A long journey in a small dress and no panties was hot but embarrassing.




The Final Goodbyes!

It was just another rainy evening in Bangalore. And just another rainy night for my heart. I met this guy couple of months back at a house party, and immediately we felt a connection and ended up having multiple sessions in bed, but you can’t build castles of hopes without few storms. We just fell apart and thought of moving away from each other. What we learnt from our previous relationships was to give a proper closure and final goodbyes before heading for a new start.

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I grabbed my old trolley bag and started going to dresses I have saved for special occasions. I smiled the moment I saw something he would have loved. I wore a white lacey sheer bra with watching thongs and black leather skirt and with nothing but a coat. My 5-inch feels were complimenting my dress so well. I touched my neck, and I was able to feel the bites he left, and it brought a smile to my face. I put on smokey eyes with red lipstick, red enough to talk sufficiently to remind you of blood rushing through different parts of his body.

large (2).jpg

As I made my way outside the house, I was able to feel eyes on me and a wicked smile on my face new what I wanted. It was a 20-minute cab journey to his place. My heart started pounding as I entered the elevator I took a deep breath and applied perfume again. The lift stopped at 3rd floor, and a man came inside the lift and kept looking at me till I left. I rang his door bell; I was able to hear foot steps, and there he was, the could have been the man of my dreams leaving me alone. I entered his place and before he could say something I grabbed his collar and took him to the room.

I like the step up of room we use to share. It was simple, a french window which lets winds in, a corner filled with books and a picture of us together and a bed which was about to get all distorted I asked him to go ahead and locked his room. The balloons from his birthday were still lying on the floor, I smiled and connected my phone to his speaker. I had handcuffs in my hand, and the very idea of doing things with him was turning me on.

The song Fetish by Selena Gomez was playing and with every word out session keep getting intense. Before he could say something, I put my finger to his lips and took my quote off and pushed him on the bed and took off his shirt and asked him to stay quiet. I took revenge of every single mark he left on my body by giving him another one, and I was able to feel his hard on, on my ass. I smiled and took off my skirt and kept rubbing him and teasing him, watching him go all helpless.

large (1).png

To add to it, I put handcuffs on him; I knew if he gets out of it I will be in trouble but maybe I wanted that trouble I was waiting for something dirty to happen to me, and that helped me. I took his boxers off and sat on him and tied my hair up and he knew what was coming next for him, and I was able to see a grin on his face. We have done this so many times but still feels the same every time.

I went down on him and touched every inch of his tool with my tongue and gobbled the whole thing in; it makes me wonder how can small mouth of mine take so much in when it comes to him. My warm tongue on his salty tool and his restless legs I was able to see how much he was going to miss. The moans with in, the way he grabbed my hair the way he was helpless in all forms. I kept looking at him while blowing him and I gave him a relief after some time and took down handcuffs, and he whispered in my year, ‘Now let me bid you final goodbyes.’


He bent me on the bed and took my thongs off, he was able to feel the wetness, and he started inserting his thick finger inside me, and I kept moaning, but that was not the end it triggered him into putting another one in followed my another one. He kept fingered me till I hit an orgasm I fell on the bed, as I was trying to catch breath he got on top of me and grabbed a condom.


‘You think the show is over?’ He said, and before I could react anything he started fucking me hard, pinching my nipples and slapping my breasts to red he grabbed me by my hair and kept fucking me, watching me and asking me to look right into his eyes and next second he flipped me, I was dripped wet. He grabbed a towel and cleaned me off and started again; I was dry and crazy horny it barely took me a minute to be wet all over again. Once he was done, we both cleaned ourselves and went back to bed.

‘With tomorrow’s sun we are strangers’ I asked and turned to the other side and asked myself, ‘Will I be able to get over the sinful memories I’m committing with him right now?’ I smiled and slept.

Each end is a brand new beginning. I got up in the morning, and I collected every possible item that brought us together.

“Heartbroken?” My best friend message

“My place tonight?” Another message I received.

I smiled and replied to my best friend, “Never in this life.”

People like you always want back the love they pushed aside

But people like me are gone forever when you say goodbye

The Unexpected Rebound

I looked at my make up for the last time as I stepped outside the car. The pain of heartbreak is ugly for sure; it makes you cross all the limits to get over it and sometimes knock the unexpected doors too. I took a deep breath and started reading his email to me again.

large (1).jpg

He asked me to wear tiny black dress paired with black thongs and nothing inside. The dress was tiny and tight, my breasts were popping out of it, and I had no control on it. The four-inch uncomfortable heels were making me slutty and helpless at the same time.

I took a deep breath and knocked on his door, I was able to see my reflection at the glass door, I was in extremely loud makeup, and green tinch of my last hair color was still visible. With a little crack someone opened the door, there he was. A friend, a stranger, a mentor and a master at the same time. With a warm smile, he welcomed me in and asked me to sit on the couch.

We consumed too much alcohol, and I was able to feel my body losing its control. He snapped his fingers twice, with no nod, he grabbed me by his arm and took me to his room. I was too drunk to make an have a conversation and probably that’s what he wanted. He grabbed me by my neck and threw me on the bed.

I kept enjoying every move he was making; he kept clutching every part of my body till he reached my breasts and started squeezing them mercilessly, with each moan which is was leaving my mouth his brutality was increasing.He got up after some time, and I was still there. I was able to feel something icy running on my body. I looked out and realized it is a scissor and he cut down my dress in two halves right in front of me.

Here he had, full access to my breasts and kept staring at them and kept pinching them. He was getting turned on by the fact that I’m reckless and drunk with him. He smudged my lipstick with his thumbs and distorted my whole face. I kept laughing, noticing small details of his place. His entire room was in shades of white, the sofa, the table, the curtain I was wondering these things when suddenly a finger made its way inside me, and I jumped.

He was freakishly strong, he kept fingering me, and from the other hand he held my hands tightly and kept whispering in my ears, ‘You know you want it, come on say it, say that you need it’ he kept fingering me till I started screaming and I had an orgasm. There was no turning back for him, he pushed me off the bed and made me go on all four on the couch.

‘I want you to count every thrust’ he said and started fucking me from the back. He kept doing that till he came. I remember every second of that session. I remember how he kept abusing me and kept smacking me all the time. I remember how he stuffed my thongs inside my mouth and kept doing me and I remember how I collapsed on the bed once he was done.

I got up in some time to clean myself, and I stepped into the bath tub. My favorite song was on, and I didn’t realize when I indulged myself in the sleep. I woke up to someone’s hands near my inner thigh. It was him; he made me leave the tub and go to bed. He fingered me till I came again and licked me dry. I was so tired that I fell asleep in no time. I woke up in the morning with brand new clothes waiting for me on the bedroom couch, breakfast on the side table and a note which says, ‘We’ll keep doing this until and unless I make you forget his name.’

I smiled and got up to leave for office. As I went down, I bit my lips wondering when I will see him again.


The Beach Shack

I believe Goa is home to all the sins and sinister. I smiled and made my way to the bedroom. It was a simple wooden cottage so close to the beach that you can hear every single wave hitting the shore. I took a quick shower and made my way to bed. I rolled and hugged him from the back. I realized he was tired and sleeping. I took a long breath and slept.

A couple of hours later I woke up to noises in our room. I realized he was working out. I kept looking at him working out and touching myself. Probably it was turn on for me; something was driving me crazy I let out a small moan, and he knew that I was up. He jumped on the bed and grabbed my hands. He kept looking right into my eyes and watch melt in his arms desperately waiting for his lips to touch mine. He loosens my shorts and took out the rope without blinking his eyes and tied my hands up.

His way of loving me has always been different. He spread my legs and sat between my legs, I knew what he was about to do, but the question was, am I ready to for it? I let out a small moan, and his hands started touching my inner thigh, I was able to feel his breath over there, and it took me a second to realize what he was up to and I let out a loud moan and started twisting my legs. He came on top of me and asked me to keep quiet. I gulped and stuffed my handkerchief in my mouth as I was able to get the pleasure of someone going down on me and at the same time peace of listening to waves. I came in no time and rolled on the other side.

He hugged me from the back, and I was able to feel his hard on right on my ass. I quickly got on top of him and asked him to keep quiet and enjoy. I pulled his boxers down and started touching him I was able to see a wicked smile on his face, it motivated me into going further. I started blowing him, looking at him while doing that was turning me on. It is a beautiful feeling to be a guy’s weakness. Watch a man melt right in front of you. I smiled and continued doing it.


“Get me a condom,” he said as I quickly rushed to the drawer and took one out. He asked me to get on top of him and continue doing him, and after a point, he told me to hold bed shelf tight and suddenly he started ramming me harder than ever. AC was on, and we were still sweating. I don’t even know how many times I get orgasms during that moment. I waited for him to have a climax and moment he did we both hit the bed and slept. I woke him to him kissing me and asking me to get up and have breakfast on the bed.

It was one of the most special session I ever had with him. Nothing could have been better than sharing a weekend with an amazing man with a crazy sex drive who is in love with a woman who has crazy fantasies.

Behind the closed door.


I took off my aviators and asked him and texted him to let me know his Room Number, ‘403’ he replied. I took a deep breath and looked at red roses I collected on my way. I reached his room and knocked twice; he was in the shower. I quickly sneaked it and made a couple of changes- I spread rose petals all over the bed, turned the lights and pull the curtains, while I was lighting the last candle he grabbed me from the back and kissed my neck.

I turned around, and my button eyes were staring right at him. I don’t know when was the last time I loved someone so much. I kissed him on his nose and signaled him to come with me to bed. Love holds both desperation and lust at times. The moment we reached bed in no times our clothes were off, and we were lying in each other’s arms.

The kiss with time kept getting passionate, and now our hands were wandering on each other. He has always been little active. In no time he pushed me down and locked my hands, and with every kiss, I was losing my head. I slit his one finger inside my vagina and whispered in my ear, ‘You get turned on so quickly’ and pushed it right back in, and kept repeating it in a rhythm. I was building an orgasm, my eyes were rolled up, and my mouth was open, and within few seconds with a loud noise, I came to an orgasm.

He spooned me for some time, and I was able to feel his hard on, more I was delaying the action more I knew it was going to get me into trouble. He laughed and commanded me to sit on the sofa on all fours. He smacked my ass a few times. I saw my reflection in the mirror, my ass was completely red, and there was a little burning sensation on it.

He asked me to get up, and he sat on Sofa and invited me to sit on him. I smiled, thinking it will be just like riding. It wasn’t. It was for the first time something penetrated right into my vagina in no time. He kept fucking me for few minutes straight, and he pulled my hair. He started playing with my breasts as I continued riding him. I was building an orgasm again. I knew he was not going to stop anytime soon.

I was not able to take it anymore. The moment I hit orgasm I got up and I was rushing to the washroom when it pushed me on the bed and started fucking me doggy style. ‘It is not over until I have an orgasm’ he said and started humping me harder. I knew I was about to faint, my knees were weak, I was sweating and my moans were loud enough to let people know how passionate our session is.

The moment he came I rushed to the washroom and started the shower, which he joined later and started kissing me from back again. I kept running my hands all over his body. After a long shower we moved back to our bedroom, and he had his specs on, he was busy in replying emails again, and I was invisible again. He looked at me innocently and said, ‘Let us go down and eat something’ How come someone so sweet has to monster inside him.

‘Swimming pools are usually empty here’ I commented. He whispered in my ears, ‘Let’s us go there in the evening and try not to wear panties’ Even though it was just a simple statement he made. My nipples were hard as the rock waiting for the evening to start.

Clingy Lover


He always called me a ‘Clingy Lover.’, because it is hard for me to keep my hands off him. My hands will always roam around his private parts. I always roll my eyes and bite my lips to show him my thirst. But, for a change, I promised him that I wouldn’t jump on him the moment I will see him. I laughed and took a cab, As casual I was picking him up from office to head back to his place.

Long distance relationship is not easy, especially when it requires one to come all the way from Bangalore Airport. I was all chill, drinking water, somewhere inside set to be chill about meeting him but the moment I saw him My body released a lot of hormones in one go.

I was able to feel my private part heating up, and I was losing my cool I wanted to grab him and do him in the car already. The moment we reached he rushed to the washroom and on the other hand I locked the door and started the waiting game. The moment he came out I pushed him on the bed and asked him not to move. I laughed and grabbed a tie to tie him up and started kissing him.
It started off with mild kisses, but soon it started going wilder and wet.

I was able to feel his dick; it was getting harder, almost poking my butt now. I grabbed a hair band and made a hair bun. I was able to hear his friends chatting loudly. It is hard to concentrate on something so steamy and to make sure all the noises stay inside room. I unzipped his pants and grabbed his dick. Oh, his priceless face I went down on him and started licking him. His legs were twisting and turning and more the restless he was the faster I was going and suddenly I was able to feel to hands guiding me to take in more. He grabbed my hair and made me take the whole thing in and after few shots I was able to understand the pattern.

He grabbed my head and forced me flip, next thing I know I was on my four bending down and poking my ass out. There is something weird about change in the image. He has always been a sweet guy; I never expected him to act all rough. He smacked my ass a few times, and I asked him not to do it because it was making a lot of noise. He grabbed me and took me to the washroom and made me bend on the slab. After slapping for a few times, he made me lift up on the leg to place on the slab and started fingering me. It was hard for me. First, I never stretched my legs so much before, and I was already dripping out of desperation. He whispered in my ears, “Guess how many fingers are inside you” I was running out of breath and sweating I begged him to stop.

We both hit the bed, and I was able to hear a noise, He was taking out a condom. A part of me was already tired having multiple orgasms from fingering, and now the very idea of another session was scaring the life out of me. He made me spread my legs and entered me, with every thrust I was coming close to having a climax, and after a point, I started begging him to stop. More I was asking him to go slow the harder he was going.

I reached a point where I dug my nails into him and wrapped my legs around him, taking the whole thing in and bite his neck. I was done having a massive orgasm, and his quick moves were giving a signal that he will have one soon too. After 10 minutes of the steamy session, He came, and I came again.

I rushed for a shower. The moment I looked at my ass; I was able to see marks of his hand all over it. I laughed and realized I’m not able to walk properly. Post shower I went to bed and hugged him just like way Koala Bear hugs the tree and after a long while I had a peacefully tiring sleep.

I learned my lesson, Never trigger a good boy.